The History of Cahill’s Irish Farmhouse Cheese

david cahill Our HistoryThe Founder of Cahills Farm Dairy, David Cahill, immigrated from Rockchapel in North Cork to America in the 1860s. He settled in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and by the turn of the century he had become a successful businessman owning his own bar & Horse Repository. This would have been a very common business at the time, where businessmen from the suburbs would stable their horses by day.

Like so many Irish emigrants, he longed for home and in 1902 he sold his public house and bought a working dairy farm on the banks of the river Deel, one mile south of the town of Newcastle West in County Limerick.

history2 Our HistoryGiving his solicitors instructions to sell off his day stables, he came home to Ireland and commenced dairy farming to supply fresh milk to the local Newcastlewest Creamery.

However, David’s wife ran into ill health and with the advent of the automobile, his solicitor encountered great difficulty in disposing of the stables. This double set-back forced him to cease supplying milk to the creamery and commence selling milk from door to door in Newcastle West. To service this more lucrative business, David built a new small dairy in 1910. In the mid 1920s the business passed on to David’s nephew, William Cahill, who with his wife Hannah and their seven children, continued the family dairy business.

history3 Our HistoryIn the 1950’s with the arrival of pasteurised milk, the Cahill’s began making soft cheese on their dairy farm.

In 1972 William’s son David, his wife Marion, and their seven children took over the Cahill’s Farm business and began to concentrate on handcrafted crafted, flavoured, cheeses.

Today the Cahill’s award winning farm cheese range can be found all over the world from Japan, to the USA, to the UK.




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