Cahill’s Cheese is now available from Singletons & Co.

July 20, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Cahill’s cheese is now available from Singletons & Co.

The Singleton’s team are proud to be working alongside Dan Cahill and his family to re-launch the famous blended cheeses and bring them back to the market. The Cahill family have been making cheese since 1902 and are pleased to be able to continue selling Irish cheese under the Cahill family name. The Cahill family have worked in collaboration with our team here at Singletons to re-launch the much-loved Cahill’s cheese using the same recipes. In order to ensure the same great taste and quality, Dan Cahill has worked closely with our Dairy and Product Development teams personally to oversee production of the cheese.

Similarly to the Singleton’s story, the Cahill family have a long history and rich heritage of dairying and food production. To celebrate the launch of this collaboration we spoke to Dan to learn more about the Cahill’s story he said:

“My Great Grand Uncle, David Cahill, bought the farm at the turn of the last century. We supplied milk and butter from the land to the surrounding townlands right up to the 1950’s. Our father was manager of the local creamery which was at the “bottom of our road”. Our mother created a range of flavoured cheddar, and we spent our childhood waxing, packing and selling truckles in markets and local food stores. Our signature cheeses were alcohol infused cheddars and by 2020 our Original Irish Porter and Irish whiskey cheeses could be found all over the world.”

“The past couple of years have brought challenges to availability and supply. We are pleased to announce that our cheese is once again available via Singletons & Co. We have worked with the Longridge Dairy for over a quarter of a century and we are happy to see that tradition continue. We are grateful to all of our customers for the support and patience. We will initially be re-launching the waxed wheels of Porter and Whiskey with further flavours and formats available in due course. We remain committed to our Original flavoured recipes with Irish Cheddar to the standard required by our international customer base.”

Irish Porter & Irish Whiskey waxed wheels are now available to order, get in touch today for more information.

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