Tips on taking up Cycling in 2021 (With Dan Cahill)

January 20, 2021

Dan Cahill owner of Cahill’s Farm Cheese but also a fitness fanatic. Dan is a proud member and sponsor of Newcastle West Cycling Club, a past triathlon participant and swimmer. Dan provides sponsorship to the Newcastle West Cycling club and it is a huge part of his life.

Since we are promoting healthy eating and keeping active during this lockdown we asked Dan for some tips on taking up cycling this month. Cycling is a wonderful past time good for your mind and fitness. The beauty about cycling is that anyone can take up the sport. Even if your not the sportiest or athletic person you can still enjoy cycling as a past time. You can make lifelong friends out of cycling by joining groups and taking part in competitions. It is brilliant so people can socialise especially in these hard times.

Dan’s Key Tips

  • Invest in the right bike – try to purchase local as store owners know what bike would best suit the local location you are cycling. Our local store in Newcastle West in Adrenalin Sports. This sport shop specialises in cycling and has all the necessary equipment to get you started for 2021.
  • Don’t do too much too soon – can lead to injury, fatigue and getting fed up with cycling very quickly. Take it slowly bit by bit!
  • Join a cycling group – by meeting experienced riders they will help you along the way improving you as a cyclist, making you enjoy it more and any questions you have they can help with.
  • Learn how to fix a chain, puncture, etc. If you are new in a group someone will show you how to do this and don’t worry if it happens while out on a group cycle. The majority of riders will know you are knew and will stop to help you fix it.
  • Purchase the correct equipment e.g. saddle that suits you, waterproof gear, appropriate cycling shorts with padding, helmet, etc – doesn’t have to be very expensive but for your comfort it is essential.
  • Be confident on the road – It is essential that you are careful while riding on the road but you must be confident so it doesn’t disrupt your progress. Stopping and starting leaving cars pass you out just isn’t functionable.
  • Ensure you have enough water taken on and eaten a high energy meal before going on a long cycle. Don’t be afraid to consume a banana, mars bar or water while riding to keep your energy levels high.
  • Hills cant be avoided so expect tough climbs from time to time this is all part and parcel of cycling.
Newcastle West Cycling Group

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