Vodka & Blueberry

Vodka & Blueberry

Our Vodka and Blueberry cheddar is original and unique. There isn’t many cheese’s out there as adventurous as this cheese. 

The freshness of blueberries pairs incredibly well with the punch of vodka. It makes for a marvellous combination of creaminess and fruity flavour. 

This sweet white cheddar is a wonderful dessert offering on a cheeseboard or cheesecake. The cheese could also be used as a unique addition to a summer salad. 



Serving Options

  • Perfect inclusion to any salad to add a fruity flavour.
  •  Suited to a summer cheeseboard. Adds beautiful fruity flavour.
  •  Perfect with a glass of red wine. Preferably a glass of Carbernet Sauvignon. 

Recipe Video

Wine & Beer Pairings


  • Wine Pairing: Merlot, Carbernet Sauvignon.

Nutritional Information

Sizes Available

  • 2.27kg Wheel
  • 200g Wax Truckle
  • 145g Wedge
  • 1.1kg Half Moon
  • 145g Vacuum Pre-Pack

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