A Family Tradition Since 1902

The Cahill family have been farming the lush green pasturelands of Newcastle West in Co. Limerick since 1902. We are one of the oldest artisanal cheese making families in Ireland using time-honoured methods and recipes passed down through the years to create our outstanding speciality cheddar cheese, matured to perfection.

Today we employ a small, skilled team of 20 people overseen by the fourth generation of the Cahill family marrying our traditional skills and old recipes with modern technology. 

We only use 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients with our cheddar being made using pasteurised milk from grass-fed cows. 

Our cheese has won recognition from around the globe having won a Gold Star from the Guild of Fine Foods and Silver at both the Great Taste Awards and the Mondial du Fromage. 

Our Cheese Range

Irish Porter

Originating on the family farm in 1985 this cheese is matured for 10 months and infused with rich, Irish porter to create a caramel, smokey undertone. The marbled effect means it looks as good as it tastes and is perfect with a Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Claret, Sancerre.

lrish Cream
Liqueur Cheddar

A white cheddar with a beautiful Irish crème liqueur. Best served after dinner as a desert cheese this sweet cheddar is another original from the Cahill family. Best when paired with a Sauvignon Blanc.


This fruity cheddar has a beautiful combination of creamy white cheddar and sweet cranberries. Each bite offers unique tastes and textures – mellow, creamy, sweet, sharp and fruity.

Irish Whiskey

A soft, creamy and quintessentially Irish cheddar made using Kilbeggan Whiskey and matured for 10 months with a deep aroma of whiskey, butterscotch and pecan. Great with a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cheddar with
Garlic & Fine Herbs

This rich, tangy cheese has an exceptional flavour. Crumbly and savoury with a buttery sweetness it's ideal for cooking, a cheese sauce or a cheeseboard. Great with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.


This cheddar is slowly matured before being naturally smoked with a perfect blend of both Oak and Applewood. This cheese is best enjoyed melted in a sandwich or on a pizza. The blend of oak chips and applewood gives the cheddar a unique and natural taste.


This striking cheddar with its marbling courtesy of elderberry wine makes for a sweet, fruity dessert cheese or is great in a salad. Perfect for St. Valentine’s day menus it’s a wonderful addition to any cheese board and best when paired with Sauternes, Beaujolais or Sauvignon Blanc.

with Chives

A mellow, creamy cheddar with a plentiful supply of chives and the perfect accompaniment to a full bodied wine such as Shiraz, Cabernet or even a vintage Port.


This smooth Irish Red Cheddar with finely chopped spring onion is a strong tasting cheddar with intense flavour best enjoyed on any type of sandwich or cheeseboard. The cheese can be found in most Super Valu’s nationwide in our 200g parchment Barrell packaging.

Wild Blueberries
& Vodka

Original and unique this sweet cheese made with wild blueberries soaked in vodka is a wonderful desert offering or addition to a summer salad. Best when paired with a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chilli & Cracked
Black Peppercorn

This spicy cheddar is a wonderful addition to any sandwich. Visually appealing this cheese is at home on any cheeseboard and is perfect when paired with a Pinot Grigio.


Our classic Vintage Cheddar has been aged for 24 months for delicous mature taste. Slightly crumbly but full of flavour. The cheese has quite a crumbly texture and has a beutiful creaminess taste. It has the perfect balance of strong, savoury flavours without being too overpowering.

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West Limerick Food Destination

At Cahill’s Irish Farm Cheese we are proud to be feaured in the West Limerick Food Series.

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