Cahill’s Cranberry Cheddar

November 3, 2020

Cahill’s Cheese will now be taking orders for our latest cheese of 2020 Irish white cheddar with cranberries. This unique and beautiful cheddar is the perfect cheese to enjoy with meals this Christmas. The cheese is a gorgeous combination of white creamy cheddar with sweet and tangy cranberries. Each bite offers unique flavour in terms of fruitiness and creaminess.

There’s something ultra festive about cranberries and cheese. There is a great deal of excitement to try this cheese in our annual cheese toastie from the left overs from our Christmas Day feast. Turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry cheese sounds like a terrific combination. This cheese makes for an excellent dessert cheese served on a cheeseboard with a glass of champagne or fruity Pinot Grigio.

At the moment we are selling this cheddar in 145 gram wedges and 100 gram blocks. In 2021 we will be expanding the size range of the cranberry cheddar. To date the cheese is for sale in our local supermarket Dooley’s Super Valu in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Our hope is we will get this cheese stocked in a lot of Irish stores this Christmas and then for export in 2021.

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