Red Wine

Red Wine

Our Red Wine cheese is made from elderberry flavoured wine which makes for a sweet, fruity dessert cheese. 

The cheese has quite a similar appearance to our Irish Porter cheese – This cheese has a marbled effect which offers a unique and visually very different cheese. 

This cheese is perfect for a Valentines menu. It is a wonderful addition to any cheeseboard adding colour and delicous fruity flavours. The fruity nature of this cheese makes for a well matched cheese for inclusion in salads. 

Serving Options

  • Perfect inclusion to any salad to add a fruity flavour.
  •  Suited to a summer cheeseboard. Adds unique colour and beautiful fruity flavour.
  •  Perfect for Valentines Day.


Wine & Beer Pairings


  • Wine Pairing: Sauternes, Beaujolais, Sauvignon Blanc

Nutritional Information

Sizes Available

  • 2.27kg Wheel
  • 200g Wax Truckle
  • 145g Wedge
  • 1.1kg Half Moon
  • 145g Vacuum Pre-Pack