Harvest Day on the Cahill Family Farm

September 18, 2019

It’s been another busy but memorable day on the Cahill family Farm. This afternoon we were proudly harvesting our field of organic oats for Flahavans in Waterford. It’s the first cereal grown on Cahills Farm since “Compulsory Tillage “ all the way back in the 1940’s .

It was a particularly nostalgic occasion for Dave Cahill Senior, as a young boy, he would have brought warm tea and brown bread to the men as they worked the same land. This afternoon he was passing on some of them memories and some knowledge of the olden ways to the next generation of Cahills including his grandson, Mark who is pictured.

On a coincidental sidenote, our old hand ploughs were purchased in the 1920s by William Cahill from Patrick O’Shaughnessy who was a local merchant. Mark Cahill is a great grandson of William Cahill from his father’s side and also a great grandson of Patrick O’Shaughnessy from his mother’s side!

For more photos from today check out our Facebook post.

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