The Golden Vale

April 28, 2020

The Golden Vale is an extensive area of rolling pastureland in Limerick, Cork and Tipperary. It is renowned for its rich grasslands and beautiful scenery. This fertile lowland is famous for its ability to grow top quality grass for extensive dairy farming. The Golden Vale is home to some of the biggest and best dairy farms in Ireland.

Cahill’s Cheese, located in Newcastle West is situated in the famous Golden Vale area. The milk used in Cahill’s Cheddar cheese is sourced from naturally grass-fed dairy cows. The Golden Vale area tends to grow the best quality grass in Ireland. The quality of milk is better which makes for better tasting cheese.

There are some beautiful attractions in the Golden Vale. Lough Gur, which is located in Bruff, Co. Limerick is one of Ireland’s most important archaeological locations. Lough Gur has seen continuous habitation for over 6,000 years. It is the only area in the country, where you can visibly see evidence of every age since Neolithic Times.

There are also magnificent hikes and cycling routes in Ballyhoura, Knockfierna and Galtee Mountains. All of these attractions are within thirty minutes drive of each other and it would be possible to see all of them in a single day. The Galtees are Ireland’s highest inland Mountain range. Galtymore is the highest peak at 3,009 feet. The Galtees are known to be a tough climb and if you’re interested in hiking, then this could be the hike for you.

If long hikes aren’t your thing, there are plenty of alternatives nearby. Knockfierna, in Granagh is known for its beautiful views of West Limerick and Limerick County. Knockfierna standing at 951 feet is a much easier climb. As you climb the mountain you will pass a number of reconstructed cottages which were lived in during the historic famine. Breath-taking views of County Limerick and surrounding areas can be witnessed from the summit.

These are just a few of recreational attractions in the Golden Vale. It is well worth visiting the many picturesque villages and towns in the area. Local supermarkets and cafes tend to stock a lot of local produce including our cheese range. Cahills Cheese is very proud to be located in this beautiful area. For more information on attractions in the Golden Vale please visit Discover Ireland.

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