Should We Eat More Cheese?

September 9, 2020

When it comes to eating cheese it can really divide opinion if it is healthy or harmful for you. This blog is going to state the health benefits from eating cheese. Cheese is known as a whole food. Whole foods are known to be good for you as long as you don’t eat too much of one whole food. Cheese should be consumed on a daily basis but at the right portion size.

Health Benefits

Cheese is a natural source of protein, fat and calcium. Cahill’s Cheese which is sourced from Irish grass-fed dairy cows contains the highest amount of key nutrients. Grass-fed sourced cheese contains nutrients processed cheese doesn’t such as Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin K-2. All of these nutrients are needed for healthy bones, teeth, wound healing, blood clotting and many more to keep our bodies functioning. The key here is not to over eat cheese. No one is recommending you eat excess amounts of cheese to reap these health benefits but if you introduce cheese in small portions throughout your week can help boost your health and make you feel better.

It Tastes Darn Good

At Cahill’s Cheese we are a lover of all cheeses not just cheddar. There are so many diverse flavours, textures and characteristics of cheese that we feel everyone should explore. The best way to sample different varieties of cheese is on a cheeseboard. Cheeseboards are seen as a treat or a guilty sin by most people but we believe that cheeseboards can be consumed on a regular basis. The best way to sample different cheese varieties on a cheeseboard is by having one hard cheese, one blue cheese and one soft or semi soft cheese. Certain meats such as chorizo, salami, pepperoni are best enjoyed on cheeseboards with a glass of white or red wine.

Surprising Facts

Lowers Heart Disease Risk

According to European Journal of nutrition people who ate small amounts of cheese regularly were 14% less likely to develop heart disease. The small amount is very important and large consumption of cheese daily can cause heart problems if not monitored correctly.

Can Prevent Cavities

We’re not saying you should stop brushing your teeth and start eating more cheese. But by eating cheese more regularly can help your teeth be more healthy and prevent cavities. Cheese tends to alter the pH level of a persons mouth which makes them less likely to get cavities.

Makes You Stronger

Cheese has been scientifically proven to make people stronger. Its a great source of protein which can be consumed after a gym session for muscle repair and recovery.

Helps Boost Your Immune System

Cheese contains Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A which play a key role in helping and maintaining your immune system. A deficiency in both of these vitamins can lead to sickness.

Improves Your Vision

Vitamin A one of the key vitamins in cheese helps preserve our vision. By consuming cheese can keep our eyes healthy and clean

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